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Quite frankly – if you want your crowd to go mental, if you want a hook so massive it could land a blue whale and if you want your basslines dripping with warmth and menace in spectacularly equal measure – then Ed Solo is ya man”.  – LSD Magazine

Ed Solo is the producer’s producer, an expert studio guru whose sublime engineering skills are equalled only by his nack for a booty-bouncing hook and an ability to throw down on the turntables. When it comes to pouring on the bass frequencies, Ed’s skills are unrivalled, whether the tune in question be a killer dubstep cut, an upfront slice of drum ‘n’ bass, a booming booty house number or a funky, electro-fuelled breaks 12″.

Buried in his laboratory somewhere in subterranean Brighton and knee deep in downright dangerous frequencies, Ed Solo is cooking up a relentless storm of dancefloor gold. Extraordinarily prolific and one of the finest engineers/producers in the dance music business, Ed honed his skills as a junglist before ducking and diving through every style of broken beat going. With a sublime ability to make whoever he’s sat next to in the studio sound shit hot, a precision ear for sonic good times and an instinct for heavyweight tunage, his stamp on electronic music runs as deep as some of his subs. 

Ed cut his teeth at the controls in the mid nineties by engineering the likes of Black Twang, Elizabeth Troy & Roots Maneuver at the notorious SOUR Records studios. Distilling his own creativity into the mix, he went on to lay down a series of groundbreaking collaborations with jungle kingpin DJ Brockie, unleashing such classics as ‘Represents’ and ‘Echo Box’. Surfing a spectrum of drum n bass, he released on a fistful of universally respected labels like True Playaz and Undiluted Records. 

The later part of the decade saw Ed shift operations from London to Brighton and into a studio above Krafty Kuts record shop. This move led to all manner of mischief, mayhem and rampaging funk as breakbeat hit its apex and signature tunes like ‘Ill Type Sound’ and ‘Bunker Buster’ hit the street.

In 2007 Ed released the timeless album ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ alongside Skool of Thought and Darrisson. Critically acclaimed on dancefloors the world over, the album dropped a systematic stream of blazing tracks including ‘When I Was A Yout’, ‘We Play The Music’ and ‘Love Your Life’

Ed’s partnership with Deekline has thrown up some of the most memorable tunes of the last decade. The avalanche of bass drenched sizzlers has propelled their labels Jungle Cakes, Hot Cakes and Sludge Records to the top of their respective charts across drum n bass, breaks and dubstep.Slicing through a kaleidoscope of styles, vibes and flavours, the Cakes cartel has built a titanium clad reputation for laser guided slammers. With a new album, ‘Bounce n Shake’ tearing through 27 killer cuts and recent releases like “Bad Boys” currently being championed by the likes of Rudimental and Radio 1  

With such dynamic collaborations in the arsenal, Ed’s currently in the studio working on a ‘Solo’ album. Whipping together a white knuckle ride that spins through a vivid range of styles, his individuality and unique twist on bass music is skidding back to the fore. 

His solo DJ performances have been liquidating global bass bins with a roots driven throwdown, turning up the pressure through reggae influenced, dub heavy, ragamuffin flows shot through a prism of breakneck energy.

Performing at some of the most prestigious festivals going including Glastonbury, Shambala and BoomTown, Ed is infamous for his scorching sets. He has played across continents to heaving crowds in the US, Canada, Russia, the UK and Australia, carving a rampant groove through molten beats and euphoric lockdown.


Agency FatPinch / Boom Artists / GhettoFunk / Hotcakes

Phone +44 1273 500319

Email bookings@edsolo.com

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