Ed Solo Production Tutorials on Bass Synthesis And Mixdowns

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ED Solo Production Tutorials

Coming Soon.

Ed Solo Production Tutorials on Bass Synthesis And Mixdowns … After teaching a two day course on “Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro” over at Creative Live . I have decided I will continue to part with my studio knowledge, extending from the basics and introduce my pro classes, for producers who are looking to tighten up their skills.  I will also be giving a chance to all those who sign up to the classes the opportunity for them to send me their projects for critiquing. Who knows if I really like something I might just use it in one of the classes and as I call it, clean up the project and show the producer how to increase the quality of their productions and mix downs. You might just have the chance to submit your work for mastering and possible release on one of the record labels that I either own Jungle Cakes, Hot Cakes, Fat Pinch, and a few others that A&R for. However its got to be a Jam to get to that stage.

This is your chance to get your music out there!  So watch this space for more info.



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