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Date: 12th August 2016

The TrenchTown District specifically relates to the Lions Den, Hidden Woods and Tangled Root’s stages but it is probably one of those few districts that absolutely everyone within the city will find themselves chillin’ in at some point .. This community page, although based around reggae music is for absolutely anything and everything reggae influenced !

One love xxx

Chapter 7 was a mile-stone in our collective history and truly felt like the culmination of seven years-worth of ambitions and dreams coming to fruition, with an eclectic mix of some the most amazing and inspiring people on the planet!

Citizens travelled to the city from over 50 different countries and it feels like our ever-growing community became that little bit more united, creative and culturally aware through the sharing of such an awesome collective experience.

With Chapter 7 now becoming a beautiful distant dream, we begin exploring where Chapter 8 will take us! All those who experienced the story throughout Chapter 7 will be aware that masked revolutionaries were seen spreading dissent throughout the city and stormed the Palace at the very end of the Fair, declaring The Revolution Starts Now! That citizens might take some of the magic and message from this year’s Fair back out into the world, in the hope that one day every city may be a little more like ours!

But what does that mean for the ‘Glorious Leader’ Comrade Jose and her evil sidekick, The Sheriff? For the fat cats of Mayfair and the mysterious Boominati??

Rumours abound, whispers of dissent echo down the corridors of power and shake the very foundations of empire. Who are these mysterious masked characters? Why is the administration silent? Revenge may be swift and heads may roll! Can the rebellion be quashed and revolutions embers be stamped out before they become a fire that rages against the machine? Only time will tell as the next chapter unfolds…

Keep any eye on this page for all updates, news and to share stories with your fellow citizens. This is a place for the community to stay as one throughout the months that fill the void between the annual fairs!

Until next time, remember, the only thing required for evil to prosper, is for good people to do nothing.

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