Jungle Cakes Vol 26 Ed Solo And Isaac Maya

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Love Jah feat.

Ed Solo, Ranking Joe, Isaac Maya

Movie Star

Ed Solo, Isaac Maya

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Jungle Cakes Vol 26 Ed Solo And Isaac Maya

Jungle Cakes is back with the main man, Ed Solo collaborating with Mexico’s: Isaac Maya for two tracks of proper rinse out business! The first is ‘Love Jah’, providing supremely funky vibes as you’ve come to know and expect from the Jungle Cakes imprint. The punchy beats and wompy bassline combine with a a healthy dose of sub bass to form a groove that is smoother than silk. Add to that ragga style stabs and vocals from Ranking Joe with a lead that’s brash,yet incredibly catchy and you have something that is sure to cause dancefloor damage and take you to a Junglist’s utopia.
Next up pair return with ‘Movie Star’. Similar vibes as far as the rolling groove goes, but also with a more melodic synth line, the sublime vocal (and some unique processing on it) adds some extra grit in parts, and a whole lot of warmth in others. The bass is a beautiful combination of traditional, yet super fat sine, square and saw waves, interwoven in a precise and very agreeable manner. Throw in some perfectly timed amen break fills and edits and again, the result is an absolute tune that without doubt will find a home in the collection of many DJs and purveyors of fine beats.


'Love Jah' & 'Movie Star' Ed Solo And Isaac Maya - Jungle Cakes Vol 26

Release: JC026

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