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Ed Solo

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This Jungle Drum and Bass Sample pack includes 56 bass lines taken from Jungle Cakes releases over the last few years. There are 14 tight and punchy drums loops, broken down into parts in total 119 loops all at 175 BPM, so if you are a beginner you can get started straight away using the full loops, or if you are more advanced producer you can mix and match the constitute loops to build up your own drum tracks, I even do this myself sometimes. There are also 59 one shot drum samples which are taken from the loops.

I have also recorded Guitarist James Porch from Fumaça Preta & The Grits (BBE Records) playing lots of Guitar Skanks/Chops in every key, major, minor plus inversions. I recorded these both through a guitar amp and also direct, these are panned left and right, so by putting a balance control plugin and a mono plugin on the channel, you can choose whether to use the one recorded through the amp, or use the dry/DI’d version and apply your own Amp plugins (or a mixture of both).  If you are using contact or Logics esx 24 the samples also play back round robin (a slight variation of the guitar sound will play each time you hit the key to make it sound more human). All the sample packs I have come across that use skank/chops will only give you loops with certain chords, which is limited, where as I have made the single hits in every key which makes any chord progression possible. Reggae producers may also find this useful. I also got James to play two and a half octaves of the classic reggae muted bass pick sound which is also done in round robin (so you can stop using that one that comes with logic)

AND as if that wasn’t enough there are also 14 bonus effects some of which are made totally from scratch, plus some samples of the classic 70’s NJD Dub siren.

If you are not yet convinced here’s a taster…



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