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This service is for experienced producers who have got their mixdown to a high enough standard that all it needs is a final master process applied.  

Balancing the frequencies volume and dynamics can be the final touch that many dance tracks are missing these days. There is nothing worse than getting a promo of what could have potentially been, a dancefloor stomper, that just doesn’t work in your set because it hasn’t been mastered properly.

If you are not sure but feel your work is upto this standard send me a 320 mp3 or wav demo and Ed will let you know if your track is ready for mastering or if it needs a mixdown and a bit more work.

If you know all you need is a master then send in your track with no limiters or compression on the master bus in wav or aiff format and let Ed apply his 20 years of knowledge and experience in mastering fat club tunes to your track. 



This service is for tracks where Ed will need a bit more control on each part in the mix. Send in your stems (bounced off individual tracks) and have Ed balance your levels, adjust eq, on certain frequencies to allow them to sit in the mix and blend the separate elements of your track so that all the frequencies are working in harmony with each other.  Ed will make final adjustments to each track perhaps adding reverb, delay and side chaining and any additional processing he feels the mix would benefit from.



This service is for an idea that could be amazing however has technically fallen flat on its face. On a track by track basis Ed may feel that he could help to enhance your production. This is not something that is offered everyday but is for special projects that grab his attention.




This service is mainly for DJ’s, MC’s or singer songwriter’s who have little or no production abilities but have a great idea or song they would like to produce.

Again Ed is selective with who he works with



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