I’m Supporting Native Instruments Stems

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Native Instruments Stems

I’m Supporting Native Instruments Stems.

In case you haven’t heard Native Instruments Stems are the new (and in my opinion very exciting) Audio format from Native Instruments that gives you access to four individual stems of a song. It’s the Producers choice as to what they break down onto each track. For example, I have used; track 1 drums, track 2 Bass, track 3 Music & FX, track 4 Vocals.

If you happen to have NI’s own Traktor, then you can access the individual tracks in your mix, so you can bring the different tracks in and out or apply FX and EQ to separate tracks which can make a DJ set much more interesting. I think you can also extract the tracks into your DAW to obtain a better insight in to how the tracks were produced.

You could also (ahem) sample say just the drum track to use in your productions when your starting out (there are obviously copyright issues here, but as long as your work is not released it can still be a good learning tool for your productions).

I’m not entirely familiar with using Stems yet, well other than starting to breakdown our back catalogue down into Stems. Yes you heard me correctly. I am supporting the use of these Stems as I feel they will be good for the furture of DJ’ing. Stems may just change the future of DJ’ing. Not only will it boost creativity but it will be freedom, if two tunes are on a similar vibe but are completely out of tune, you can separate the music from the drums and mix without those constraints. However, as the format is so new right now, once I have had a play around with Stems, I’ll be posting an update to say if I’ll start using them in my sets.

In partnership with Native Instruments & Beatport, Jungle Cakes Stem audio files will be released soon on beatport.

Follow Jungle Cakes and Beatport, Stems-music.com and be the first to know when you can try them for yourself.

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