Ed Solo B2B Benny Page @ Lions Den – Boomtown 2016

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Bring on Boomtown 2016, love this festival, Catch Me and Benny Page back to back on The Lions Den.

I am lucky enough to say this will be my fourth set at Boomtown, I have played on Bassline Circus, Arcadia Spectacular, Hidden Woods & now the Lions Den.

Boomtown has to be one of my favourite festivals to play at. The Reggae influence draws a different crowd to the more Rock/Pop/Dance inspired main stages of most other festivals. Every year there is a new and original theme for the stage designs. Hats off to the Production Team all the organisers and crew, the effort that goes into designing the set for each year is crazy – its like walking onto a different film set every year I return.

The first year I played at Boomtown, was on the Bassline Circus Tent, Emalkay had just smashed out a dark and moody dubstep set before me, I really enjoyed his set and he left a great ambience in the tent for me to follow. He had built it up to allow me to start slightly harder then I normally do, (well back then anyway, nowadays I always like to throw in a few harder ones here and there as long as the crowd are feeling it ).

I played again in 2013 this time on the Arcadia Spectacular with Deekline. What an amazing experience it was to play on a mechanical spider spitting fire with trapeze artists hanging from the arms. We came on after Freq Nasty, and separating our shows were the Arcadia Spectacular fire and aerial performances. Deekline started here is his mix from the night.


Here is a video from my phone from the stage and it was like this 360degrees around…

A few photos courtesy of Jessi (3Light G) Shell…

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