Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro on Creativelive

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Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro on CreativeLive

I headed off to Seattle to record a 2 day music production course which aired live on CreativeLive. Their set-up is impressive, they have a professional TV studio which I wasn’t expecting, as it is strictly a web channel. The studio was well-lit (loads of lights) and around 5 different camera views to see most angles whilst I was teaching. Most important was a close-up on my hands showing what I was doing on the screen.

I chatted with the producers of the show for a few months, preparing the content prior to the live airing. The course is a 2 day course that I put together which covers the basics of Logic Pro and how I set up my arrange page and routings, all the way through to my method of producing tracks and mixing down.

I use Logic Pro 9, tho a lot of the tips and workflow will translate to Logic Pro 10 & most other DAWs. I cover the basics of synthesis using a couple of Hardware Analogue Synths, on the day I ended up using the Moog Sub Phatty & Arturia Minibrute, as well as a few Virtual Synths, Massive & ES2. I think understanding the similarities between the hardware and software synths make synthesis easier to understand.

I put a lot of time and effort into the content for this course. As I give away many of my studio tips and show exactly how I work. Especially on day two where I recreated a Drum And Bass remix I made for Kingfisha from start to finish. This is the best way to show my workflow in a real life situation. In addition, as I am producing a track, I go thru the mixdown process, giving secret information. I briefly run through a house track and a trap track too so that if you are into different genres of electronic music you can adapt these techniques to your own style.

I feel most people can benefit, as it is geared towards both beginners and advanced producers. If you’re familiar with a certain subject you can either skip through the process or see if I do something different that you might prefer or want to try. Along the way I often watched other producers in the studio when I worked as an engineer and enjoyed picking up a few tips and tricks.

I might mention 2 minutes prior to going live, nerves hit me, my mouth dried up and I apologise for the constant tutting noise during the first few modules. It does get better as I relax into the environment.

The course is available online at CREATIVELIVE “Producing Electronic Music with Logic Pro”. You can stream a small part of it for free, Every few weeks or so it is aired live on their website for free and you can buy it at a discount during this time too. If you missed it, remember you can watch it back anytime, buy the course on their site, which I think is only $99 and you get to download all the modules plus a few bonus downloads too. There are a couple of discount codes for my Bass sample packs on Loopmasters, Bass Lab 1  & Bass Lab 2. I have also given away my Logic Arrangement Page Settings in a Template to all who have bought the course.



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