Looking Glass – Ed Solo Drum And Bass Remix

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Looking Glass

Ed Solo, Kingfisha

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Looking Glass – Ed Solo Drum And Bass Remix

Westwood is proud to present Kingfisha Remixed, a collaboration between Westwood Recordings and Australian dub/reggae sensation, Kingfisha.

With a love for heavy Jamaican-inspired rhythms and a strong sense of melody and songcraft, Kingfisha’s music is irresistibly soulful. Having firmly cemented their position as one of Australia’s finest dub/reggae acts, the 6-piece band has joined forces with Westwood Recordings to produce a remix EP of their favourite selections from their self-titled 2012 album.

Over two years since it’s release, their debut album has won over fans around the world, picking up multiple awards and being added to full rotation on national radio stations such as Australia’s Triple J. Now, in May 2015, their album will take on a new life with Westwood Recordings calling upon some of their leading electronic music producers around the globe to re-imagine the bands intelligent lyrics and signature musicianship – breathing new life into their songs with the addition of a heavy electronic backbone.

The 2015 Kingfisha Remixed EP features remixes from:
Ed Solo (UK), The Funk Hunters (CA), JPOD (CA), Odjbox (UK), Crazy Daylight (AUS), Beat Fatigue (NL), and Flavours (CA).


Release: WWR011

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