My Bass Sample Packs have arrived at Loopmasters

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Ed Solo Sample Packs Loopmasters

My Bass Sample Packs have arrived at Loopmasters…

A few years ago I was contacted by Loopmasters to make a sample pack.

I’ve recently been getting into using analog hardware synths again as there has been a resurgence for them over the last few years. I have a Moog Sub Phatty, a Arturia MiniBrute, a Novation Bass Station 2 and a Doepfer Dark Energy, after making lots of bass sounds on these synths the easiest way to get them into my tunes was to multi-sample all the sounds (by sampling every note over 3 octaves).

This is more important in DnB and Dubstep type sounds because they have a lot of rhythm to them so if I had just sampled a few notes per octave they would go out of time on certain notes.

I also ran some of the sounds thru my Valve TLA EQ1 for some extra beefiness  (the same one Brockie and I used on “Represent”).

Once they are all in the computer it’s easy to flick between the different sounds, which are quite versatile because they originally come from different sources as opposed to presets from a particular soft synth. The majority of these sounds are used in my tracks today because they are easy to load up and are my own creations.

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