The General – General Levy – Ed Solo

Out on: Jungle Cakes


The General (Ed Solo Remix)

The General (Ed Solo Remix)

Ed Solo

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Beatport Thoughts:

For this Jungle Cakes we have none other Ragga bad man and Jungle legend General Levy getting the remix treatment from MIR Crew and Ed Solo. Playing up the Reggae vibes in a huge way MIR crew have done justice to the original a dancehall ready remix that plays nicely between both jungle and reggae but of course never letting that bassline take a backseat. Ed Solo does just as he always does turning in a head rocking bassline monster that will destroy the dancefloor, boh!

Juno Review:

MC General Levy has been involved in countless projects spanning the UK ragga landscape and his instantly recognisable touch on the mic is always a pleasure to hear. This time, however, he lands on Jungle Cakes and his “The General” tune is reworked by Ed Solo into a nu-skool jungle workout with a filthy bassline running underneath Levy’s intricate vocal twists. The second remix comes from the Mir Crew and this one is all about the beat work: stop-start jungle breaks slowing down and speeding up to drop into one hell of a groove knot.


Release: JC036

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